Dad (11.20.09, 12:45 AM): Kjersti, Mike was doing one handed pushups at 3.

Shannon Morgan (11.19.09, 9:16 AM): i figured :)!

michael andrew (11.19.09, 1:24 AM): of course! Ive won awards for it! :)

Shannon Morgan (11.18.09, 11:10 PM): the real question is, do you ever dance around the pole?!?! :)!!

Melody (11.18.09, 4:59 PM): Shoes slip or fingers give out. We all did crazy stuff when we were kids. Yet here we are today, still alive. Maybe with a few cool scars to tell stories about. Never grow up, keep the kid inside alive!

Kjersti (11.18.09, 3:04 PM): Did you also climb the coconut trees when you were younger?