Alex Rubio (11.18.09, 10:57 AM): Haha, you guys are hilarious. As far as the green, I think it is a nice touch, I don't think it was photoshoped it just stands out probably because of Painballer, Lollipops, or both. The green is an anti corrosion paint, notice there is no corrosion where it is. The same kind of paint used on aircraft prior to painting (I know, I'm a private pilot)... I think it is an awesome shot!

Scott Roeben (11.17.09, 6:36 PM): Agreed, Michael! But one of the inherently appealing things about social media/networking (blogs, for example) that the community self-corrects. Hork.

michael andrew (11.17.09, 1:15 AM): hey now...everyone be nice :)

Nick Saban (11.16.09, 6:42 PM): Hey Les....24-15...go crawl back into your hole....

Scott Roeben (11.16.09, 5:23 PM): Les, what an eye you have! I think that sunlight is fake, too! Michael, you totally Photoshopped in that sun, didn't you? And that dirt? FAKE!

les miles (11.16.09, 10:39 AM): the green is so fake.

Kjersti (11.16.09, 1:40 AM): Anything good inside that old tank? I love photos that make me feel like I could walk right into them. This is one that does that for me. Nice.

Bostjan (11.16.09, 1:24 AM): Michael you look like a superman. Great photo!

Indianapolis Wedding Photography (11.15.09, 10:28 PM): I love that truck!