michael andrew (11.09.07, 3:04 PM): These are good suggestions. I am thinking the same thing, it should be a bride and include part of her dress. Many possible pics are Portrait (long vertically) and this ad needs a landscape shot, with a bride. This is the tricky thing with the collage, but I am starting to think it may be more effective. More to come....

kim (11.09.07, 1:56 PM): OR and this picture is on your portfolio under casual portraits but the girl is striking. It is very first picture that pops up, it is just a face shot so only problem is there's no wedding dress and you would want to see at least one picture in there of the bride in full gear but I love this picture, it would make me stop and look, it's very striking. (at least to me)

kim (11.09.07, 1:47 PM): that is problematic, what about the one of Andrea with her veil with the light coming through the window or even the one of Makeba on the stairs, I thought that was a gorgeous picture.

michael andrew (11.09.07, 1:16 AM): I love the column picture...only prob with that one is I used it last year for the same ad! :(

Maria (11.08.07, 10:46 PM): I have no idea why, but I love the pictures of Matt and Andrea on the beach when they are wet - and REALLY like the closeup of their hands -- however, it is not consistent with the other pictures - so that probably didn't help much - But, those are my favorite pictures.

kim (11.08.07, 10:22 PM): I like the one with the columns as well, I kinda like the one with the bride and groom kissing with the path behind them but unsure if it'll work I'd have to see it, I also really like the one with the pink dressed bridesmaids dancing around the bride and groom like flowers. I think ultimately to compliment the colors of the other pictures below it I would use the column one. (bride in the middle with the green dressed bridesmaids) On a side note-I think what would make a beautiful picture is if you took the one of the bride standing on the cement with the spots of leaves and actually put her on a bed of autumn colored leaves maybe even some of the autumn leaves falling from the trees...i think it would be just gorgeous. Almost like she is walking in an enchanted forest...

apple (11.08.07, 8:35 PM): the aeriel of the bride and bride's maids with the columns is beautiful, and any of the ones of the Florida wedding you just did.

michael andrew (11.08.07, 7:46 PM): Do you guys have any suggestions for a possible replacement of the Blue Pic in the Collage? Please feel free to look through my wedding website, I will take all suggestions seriously in the design of this ad. Thank you!

constance (11.08.07, 7:00 PM): I agree with Kim- the blue pic is striking, but not your best or most romantic. I would change it out with something that compliments all the brown tones that you have in the bottom collage.

Maria (11.08.07, 11:57 AM): I VERY much like the collage - it showcases your creativeness and talent. I do still love the last picture, but I wouldn't use it in a magazine - maybe a flyer or something.

kim (11.07.07, 10:51 PM): i think that the 2nd one will make the reader stop and look, but on the other hand the collage allows the buyer to see what else you can do and like you said shows all aspects of what would happen on a typical wedding day, however, while the picture with the blue background is striking I don't know if everyone would like it. I would experiment with another profile picture just to see what it would look like. It's a tough call MA but I think I would go with the collage. You know, both options will be winners. Do you need a consultant to help you with pictures? :p I'm a good critic :)

Caroline (11.07.07, 9:42 PM): I vote for number 2. I just think it is such an awesome picture and is unique and beautiful. BTW-I had Sydney's pictures made by a photographer in town that I had bought a package from a while back. The pictures were taken over 2 months ago and I can't get him to call me back. This is the 2nd time this has happened. I feel like since he already has my money for the package he doesn'f care about me as a customer. I am very upset about it! So, always remember to be good to your customers! Which I KNOW you already are!

Tracy (11.07.07, 9:25 PM): I have to say that as wonderful I think the collage is... I love the last picture. It leaves you wanting to know more, wanting to see more and most importantly wanting to experience more.