kim (11.12.09, 5:26 PM): if you are willing to let one incidence of abuse of power go then why record them the next time? i don't see the point then in letting it go and believe they abused their power and do nothing. then complain the next time it happens.

Rob (11.12.09, 2:45 PM): If you are available, I say yes. Do it not only for yourself, but for other photographers in the future that may run into a similar problem. It may not be the particular group of security guards that others may encounter but the same judge may hear the case. It could very well set the precedent for cases in the future. Just my thoughts on it.

Kelly Easter (11.12.09, 12:55 AM): You have to consider the outcome... If you would Win (which would probably not happen) would you be satisfied that you spent that much time on this? If you Loose (which is the most likely course without a lawyer) wont you just be more angry than you are now... and you still would have had to throw more time at this. (In my previous life I would say fight it... but having fought a ticket I should never have received... I can tell you the outcome doesn't seem satisfying either way.)

michael andrew (11.11.09, 11:10 PM): I appreciate everyone's comments, still at this point I am leaning towards just letting it go- Ive just got more important things to do, I may not even be in town on the 4th of December anyway. If anything I learned a very important lesson: Anytime I get friction from anyone over photography, I am hitting the video record button- posting a video of how these people abuse power is the best response.

tammytin (11.11.09, 10:27 PM): To me the signs looked pretty self explanatory. I would just pay the ticket. The security guard was an A$$ and that is another story.

Mark Iuzzolino (11.11.09, 9:56 PM): Petty is the operative word. If you want to go after every "petty" injustice, go for it. Save it for things that really count. This is very low on the "what's important" totem pole. I'm just saying.

kim (11.11.09, 9:29 PM): If you really believe you were done an injustice how is anything going to change if you don't stand up for yourself?

Tommy Shelton (11.11.09, 9:22 PM): I'm so tired of hearing people saying let it go. That's what's wrong with this country. The people supposedly in charge have been doing what they want because people just let it go. I'm from the George Carlin school where all our leaders should be in question, because they sure havent gotten it right. Until people decide not to just bend over and take it democracy is dead. End of rant. Anyway, good luck Big M.

Mark Iuzzolino (11.11.09, 5:54 PM): Wow, I'm amazed at how many want you to pursue this petty injustice. It's taken some time, but after years of not being able to let things go, I've finally come to a place in my life where I can really start to let things go. I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means. But think about the time this will eat out of your days preparing, waiting at the court and the energy it will take will in some respects distract you from your goals. Even if you are successful there's no evidence that these guys will ever be affected by your actions. And if not then you have given them the power over you. Dr. Dyer is a wonderful writer about letting things go and being at peace with your life. When you first made the decision to let it go, it was encouraging to see you do that. But if I learned anything, once you let something go and bring it back into focus like you're doing, it will have triple the affect on your mental state than it had when you first dealt with it. Whatever your decision, I wish you luck. Mark

Melody (11.11.09, 3:36 PM): It's a toss up for me. I agree that the security guards need an attitude adjustment. I'm sure if they had just asked you to move along you would have with no problem. As for being on the property, I can see the issue. You were obviously on the rail way, and there are posted signs (although they may not be very clear as to what particular area they are designated for). If you go to court you may or may not end up paying the fine. My question is... will going to court do anything to change the ways of the guards?? Or will it just be a waste of time?