tammy (11.11.09, 3:38 PM): michael that is the blog i was telling you about when we talked the other day but couldn't remember the name of it. good to know another photographer jim. i just recognized one of the lyons in a mammoth men photograph on that blog you mentioned...so i guess they are friends.. right?(or at least vacation together) i am not a photographer(just like most people who hire professional wedding photographers)...so i wouldn't know who's who...i just know what i like and what i think looks good.

michael andrew (11.11.09, 2:34 PM): Thanks for the link Tammy- I always love to see quality work! I will have to say they do look an awful like Image is Found.

Jim R (11.11.09, 12:28 PM): I hate to say this Tammy, but the Lyons appear to be an "Image is Found" clone...in more than one way, even down to their branding, and workshop name. Nate & Jac are extremely well known in the photography world, check them out: www.theimageisfound.com

tammy (11.11.09, 10:05 AM): i watched the michael jackson movie "this is it" yesterday. it documents actual events that took place prior to his death. i probably wouldn't have seen it if i didn't believe i was seeing "real" footage of his up and coming concert...(as the advertisements boasted) a totally different man than the entertainer i recall in the 80's. i remember watching "close encounters of the third kind" by steven spielberg as a child...on video disk ;). it made such an impression on me then...such a great film for it's time...so i was curious when i had seen the title of this new movie and heard about the "documented clips". i was disappointed to hear it's another one of those blair witch/paranormal activity type movies. thanks for the heads up michael :) ps. check this out...i know you can appreciate amazing photography ...people have tried to duplicate her style but i haven't seen anyone do it as good as she does. http://www.amelialyon.net/

GreenEyedMonster (11.10.09, 8:59 AM): all movies are pure fiction, for entertainment purposes only, take a college class for informative movies....