Boz (11.09.09, 10:29 PM): We have this book "for kids". Very useful! Sadley my subway sandwhich wasn't as healthy as I'd hoped:(

Luis (11.08.09, 10:57 PM): Yesterday I bought the DVD "FOOD, inc" . I think everybody should see it. I stop eating meat 3 years ago after I saw how bad a cow was beaten just because she could not get on her feet and walk. It is funny in a way that I tried several times to became a vegetarian and could not pass the one month mark and when I saw what happen to the cow I just told my self: "Luis you can not buy anything from this companies any more" , and that was it! Never tried meat again after that. Sorry about this comment that is not related to photography at all .... but maybe it is because right after that I bought my fisrt Canon Rebel XT with the money I was saving from burgers!.

Elizabeth (11.08.09, 10:52 PM): I love me some Chick-Fil-A...I just wish their shakes weren't so full of calories... Thanks for sharing this, I have a coworker who would love to read this...and so would I! :)