scott cameron (01.18.10, 11:37 AM): Im on my way to becoming a advanced beginner with the canon 40d camera when i purchased the 7d this past week. you have a beguinners guide video but will you have a advanced guide like you did for the 40d aka crash course? Love your work keep up the great website.

michael andrew (11.06.09, 2:52 PM): Great feedback Mike! Much Appreciated!

Mike Cruz (11.06.09, 3:38 AM): my problem is not that the popup flash firing, but rather was over exposure of the pics. BUT ITS FIXED!!! using canon NEW FIRMWARE 1.1.0, its not mentioned on the release notes but it does fix the problem. Just to check, i revert back to 1.0.9 and i get over exposed shot, then returned to 1.1.0 and like magic, no more over exposed shot. KUDOS to Canon for a quick fix!

michael andrew (11.05.09, 3:12 PM): Thanks for the follow up Mike, I agree with you completely on this. Kelly, I have done some tests with 3D objects close up and it DOES effect the exposure- As I mentioned, oddly, there is a feature that allows you to turn down the built in flash power, when its not even supposed to be on! LOL

Mike Cruz (11.05.09, 1:29 AM): After doing some test last night with the 7D. I think, there is really no way to disable flash firing on the pop up flash; I think, this is the only way the pop up flash can trigger the speedlites. Since it doesn't have infrared unlike 580exii in commander mode where you can set 580exii as a trigger only. the 580exii can do via IR, but since the popup flash doesn't have IR, it needs to flash in order to trigger the speedlites.

Kelly Easter (11.04.09, 11:00 PM): Canon told me there is no way to disable the preflash you are seeing. They are convinced it will not effect your photos and suggested shooting for trial 3-d objects like a ball and putting the flash on the left side. They say you shouldn't notice the preflash in the image (on the face of the ball)... but the preflash will always fire. Seems odd that you can't disable it but... I guess that is the beauty of the pw.

michael andrew (11.03.09, 3:42 PM): I appreciate the feedback guys, Ive seen this video (many times) and gone over this with the manual for about 2 days now, so this is what I am saying, at this point, you CANNOT turn off the on board flash, even in the "wireless flash" only setting. It still fires, no matter what. If you are a 7D owner, just put it on this setting and take a picture in a mirror. Ive done dozens of different tests, and the on board flash is effecting exposure with the transmission of the sync signal. Its possible its a glitch with my camera only, but after testing on 2 different firmwares, I dont think it is. If someone knows how to do this (turn it off completely) I would love to hear from you. And yes, I am aware of what a pre-flash is, this is not what Im seeing, Ill be posting mirror shots later on today.

Alex Rubio (11.03.09, 3:23 PM): Michael, I saw a post on Flicker that discusses this. It talks about pages 120, 122 and 128 of the manual. I looked at the manual on-line and it seems that it could be on page 120 step 3? On the other hand, I'm sure you have combed the manual fowards and backwards... Hope this helps.

Adrian Judy (11.03.09, 3:22 PM): found this... looks like it will always fire to communicate with the off camera flashes, but you can tell it not to fire during the exposure so that it does not interfere with your shot.

Derrick (11.03.09, 12:44 PM): Oh ohhhh........