michael andrew (11.07.07, 6:25 PM): A few more things: Adobe said there is a defect in how Mac Book Pros see Premiere Pro and this is part of the problem. There is no update, yet. Also, Macs are waaaayyy to finiky about plugging hardware in and out, like CF cards. I never have to eject them on PCs but with Macs, you can accidentally wipe them out if you dont "eject" them first.

Dad (11.07.07, 1:29 AM): Apple stock closed at $191.79 today, a year ago it was $82.85. The iPhone goes on sale in Europe next Friday. A lot of people are switching to this platform.

Elizabeth (11.06.07, 6:54 PM): I had a friend who raved about MAC computers. We shared the same office at UA. Funny thing: the PC's ALWAYS worked better and faster than the MAC. He kept saying it was because the MAC was old...but the PC's were older. I do have to say, I am impressed with the newer MAC products, and I am a die-hard PC fan.