Indianapolis Wedding Photography (10.30.09, 10:32 AM): I was so taken by the light bursts in the photo I didn't even see you. It wasn't till the second visit to the blog... I found Waldo!

Melody (10.28.09, 4:24 PM): Cool. Thanks. I'll have to try a longer exposure sometime. Nights are getting a little chilly up here though :( Especially down at the waterfront where all the nice lampposts are.

Alex Rubio (10.28.09, 4:13 PM): That is so neat, will ya include this technique in one of the videos? Star effect looks great... I agree with Rob, you're a tease, hehe, can't wait to see what it is...

michael andrew (10.28.09, 4:50 AM): Yes, its an extra long exposure (I think 12 seconds) no filter. The star effect happens sometimes with longer exposures.

Jim (10.27.09, 3:51 PM): Extra long exposure??

Boz (10.27.09, 11:48 AM): Oh, I am so not good at waiting!!! Looking forward to hearing more, now I have to get back to editing and try to distract myself from the curiosity !!

Melody (10.27.09, 11:38 AM): Gorgeous picture. I love the colors! Did you use one of those star filters to get the lights to look like that on does it just happen?

Rob (10.27.09, 9:37 AM): You're a tease! I want to know!!! Will there be a pre order for the advanced techniques DVD?