Scott Roeben (10.27.09, 6:37 PM): Awesome, as always.

Melody (10.18.09, 9:39 PM): What did you find at the top? Hopefully a staircase down :)

Alex Rubio (10.18.09, 2:45 PM): Ooookk, how in the world did ya do that? Hehe, very interesting...!

mark Iuzzolino (10.18.09, 9:26 AM): I'm not convinced you're really climbing that wall. Did you photoshop that in?

kim (10.18.09, 9:18 AM): ***and

kim (10.18.09, 9:17 AM): I think you should have climbed up a then performed a back flip off the wall while you taking the picture.

Karen (10.17.09, 7:35 PM): Okay you're just showing off!!! Unbelievable.