Lauri (10.17.09, 10:00 AM): Everyone deserves to be bad once in a while! Hope you enjoyed!!

Brian (10.16.09, 7:54 PM): you know, I smile thinking about you ordering, getting out of your car, setting the camera up, checking the shot, and getting in, triggering the camera, and paying for your food, getting out of the car, getting your camera, and then eating, yep, The Maven's trip to Sonic. :)

Melody (10.16.09, 3:00 PM): Now that is something you don't see in Canada!! Don't think car-side service would do so well in the middle of winter :( Gotta be bad now and then, otherwise you just go nuts.

sunfrog (10.16.09, 2:53 PM): Hey man just thought i say the dvds i got from you are freaking great the 580 and the photoshop crash i didn't know anything about PS but you can bet your bottom dollar i do now thanks dude peace out