michael andrew (10.09.09, 1:55 AM): Ill show you once its done. :)

Indianapolis Wedding Photography (10.08.09, 11:32 PM): What does this cool set up look like?

Adrian (10.08.09, 10:28 AM): here is a webcast talking about 3 different online sellers of quality cheap HDMI cables. http://revision3.com/bestof/hdnation-0003

mark richt (10.08.09, 9:37 AM): just dont buy the absolute cheapest, because they dont have enough shields. i purchased some to show that the SEC refs made a bad call after the LSU game and was not happy with the call. That should be a UGA win for sure. :)

Alstare Photography (10.08.09, 9:35 AM): Micheal is dead on with this one. I have worked in several "bigbox" stores and cables are one of the few things with a ridiculous markup. Cost on a typical HDMI cable could be about $12 and sold for $80 retail. Online is the ONLY place to buy cables IMHO as well... Same product, better price.

Duncan (10.08.09, 8:13 AM): Finally something I can comment on. As an alternative I also highly recommend monoprice.com . I have ordered tons of cables from them and all of them have been great quality. User reviews there are also beneficial.

Adrian (10.08.09, 8:13 AM): I bought an HDMI cable at Best buy for $50 with my TV and one off of the internet from monoprice.com for $12 and I can't tell the difference in quality between the 2. as far as build quality, the monoprice.com cable seems to be more solid. and they have tons of different cables, not just HDMI.

Derrick (10.08.09, 6:04 AM): I am no expert but from what I heard about grade is that unless you need a very long cable run (~25ft+), you can't tell the difference with the standard length cables. I just purchased 3 HDMI cables (15ft) for $17 (including shipping). The picture on my TV shows great. I don't see the reason to spend $75+ for a standard length cable. =)

mark Iuzzolino (10.08.09, 5:25 AM): Michael, aren't there different grades of HDMI cables? I would be concerned that HDMI cables for $6 would be very low or inferior grade. What say you?