Brian (10.07.09, 3:39 PM): I am pretty convinced that the entire airline industry as a whole is rather shady. :)

Kelly Easter (10.07.09, 2:15 AM): Thanks MA! Isnt it odd that if you are late to your flight they rebook you on the next flight... but when it is their fault you have no options. I have been held on a number of flight by the airlines only to be late to a connecting flight and they immediately reschedule me on their next available. My all-time favorite is the flight crew was all at the terminal for the early am flight only for us to be told we couldn't board the plane for a half hour after our departure time because they were late coming in the night before. Of course I am traveling with a 9wk old dog and booked to have the shortest connection times. We spent all day in airports because of arriving late for our connection. Try pottying a dog IN an airport.

Melody (10.06.09, 6:12 PM): Forcible Confinement is the term that comes to mind. Been there: broken plane full of people sitting on the tarmac, no A/C or food or drinks, and no information. Very frustrating, especially when we didn't speak Russian well enough to find out what was going on. Glad you made your move and stuck with it!

Boz (10.06.09, 1:12 PM): Just glad you didn't end up on an episode of Mayday Michael ! Good to hear your point of view though as far as having the guts to push through !!

Dan (10.06.09, 11:23 AM): Sounds like Air Canada...

Julia Shinkle (10.06.09, 7:48 AM): Wow! I'm sorry that happened to you. I feel trapped just reading about it.

Brent (10.06.09, 7:46 AM): I've had more delays on US Airways than any other company combined, I fly once to twice a month. I feel your pain and vow almost every time I fly with them that I'll never do it again.