Yvonne Olds (10.07.09, 9:50 AM): You mentioned that 5D seems a little on the pink side.. Well I seem to be experiencing the pinkness in my shots as well... Is there any way to fix this? Its very time consuming trying to adjust the pinkness out.

michael andrew (10.01.09, 1:21 AM): Brian- You were right- ACR 5.5 supports the Canon 7D!!

Alstare Photography (10.01.09, 12:22 AM): Also found in the ARC update media release they mention something to the effect of dealing with green response on those sensors? http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2009/09/lightroom_25_and_camera_raw_55.html

Alstare Photography (10.01.09, 12:19 AM): "Note that ACR 5.5 and LR 2.5 can open Canon 7D CR2 files. Not sure if this version of ACR secretly supports this new camera model but the files open never the less. The DNG 5.5 Convertor also recognizes the 7D CR2 files." Was all else I got on it so far...

michael andrew (10.01.09, 12:12 AM): Interesting- Ive tried to open them with Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom, they arent being recognized. Im wondering if Canon means after using their software to convert to a DNG or Tiff.

Alstare Photography (10.01.09, 12:07 AM): "The 7D support is very preliminary. We are often able to provide preliminary support for raw files from new camera models. Camera Raw and Lightroom will open and edit these files, but profiling and testing is not complete. It is likely that some processing aspects will change somewhat when we provide final, official support." -Adobe Support