Scott Roeben (09.20.09, 11:08 PM): Love you for saving me some bucks! I was gonna check this one out, but I'll rent it...

Melody (09.19.09, 12:34 PM): Boz - tickets at costco?? I didn't know you could do that! Can you get them for the Lambton theatre or just London ones? What kind of price?

Diane (09.19.09, 12:07 PM): Wow! Thanks for the's off my "Must See" list.

Boz (09.19.09, 7:20 AM): My kids want to see couldy with a chance of meatballs, looks funny, and if it's in 3D, thosed ones are quite fun, we saw UP and GForce that way - makes the ticket price a little more worth while - I've saved big time getting my tickets at costco though.

Melody (09.19.09, 6:54 AM): Wow. Did you get your money back? Be interesting to see how it does in the weekend standings. Maybe going to see 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs' would have been a better way to spend the night. Thanks for being the guinea pig.

Bill (09.19.09, 5:20 AM): quite possibly the worst looking mustache I have ever seen.........that should have been a clue