matt (09.18.09, 8:45 PM): damn it - i was looking for 5 minutes and i know you are bahind a pillar but im just to dumb do find you ;-) great shot michael

kim (09.18.09, 11:51 AM): it's like "where's Michael" instead of "where's waldo"

michael andrew (09.18.09, 4:30 AM): ps- still shooting the T1i, for me full production means all I am doing with my work time is working on the video- Ill be going into lock down as soon as I get back from LA. Hoping to have it wrapped up before the Canon 7D comes out.

michael andrew (09.18.09, 4:28 AM): :) Yep....thats me.

Shannon Morgan (09.18.09, 12:37 AM): i agree you are one good hider. are you on the left hidding behind that pillar???

Melody (09.17.09, 10:12 PM): I think you must be the master at hide and seek!

michael andrew (09.17.09, 5:09 PM): PS- You can see my head and feet only.

michael andrew (09.17.09, 5:08 PM): Thanks! Yes I am in the picture. Hard to see me, but Im there.

Melody (09.17.09, 4:10 PM): What a great picture! Typically a boring and often ugly medium, but it looks awesome. I love the blue tone with the bright yellow paint.

Lambton Wedding Photograper (09.17.09, 9:07 AM): Nice shot, that sounds like a great workshop too - I've been reading about that, didn't end up going to the Jasmine Star one though - timing, and the topic just didn't seem enough to take the trip, thought I'm sure it was great. Looking forward to hearing about your workshop!

Dana (09.17.09, 9:00 AM): Hey Michael, congrats on completeing the video. Also how lucky you are to attend Jessica Claire's workshop...hope to hear about that experience.

Dean (09.17.09, 3:49 AM): Are you in this photograph? Its like playing where's wally! haha