Dana (09.17.09, 8:54 AM): congrats Shanon, I predicted this

Troy IronWing (09.16.09, 12:11 PM): Congrats Shannon! Enjoy the ride...you deserve it.

michael andrew (09.16.09, 1:32 AM): I am really happy for and proud of everyone who participated. It was a great learning and positive experience for me. Thank you to everyone for entering and helping! Im looking forward to next years. If you havent gotten your prize or set up a time to talk, please email me!

Shannon Morgan Photography (09.16.09, 12:19 AM): Thank you luis, i feel the exact same way about you and all of the finalist photos, truly an honor to be up against such amazing work :)!! Thank you so much :)!!

Luis Jahn (09.15.09, 8:54 PM): To Shannon Morgan : I think your picture is amazing and a very well deserved winner !, I feel honored to have my picture next yours and the other finalist, enjoy the camera and keep taking great shots!. Luis.

Shannon Morgan (09.15.09, 7:58 PM): Thank you all so much!! your congrats means so much to me :)!!!

Mike Cruz (09.15.09, 1:17 PM): Congratulations Shannon!

Jamievb (09.15.09, 12:33 PM): Congrats Shannon!! You deserve it!

Kelly Kardos (09.15.09, 11:40 AM): Shannon...I think this is so awesome. Congrats!

Fireguy2009 (09.15.09, 11:13 AM): Congrats Shannon! Well deserved.

Alex Rubio (09.15.09, 10:23 AM): Congratulations Shannon, magnificent job!!!

Diane (09.15.09, 10:10 AM): Shannon! How awesome! Congratulations!!!!!!

Christine (09.15.09, 9:44 AM): ROCK on Shannon!!!!!!!! To everyone, thank you for sharing your images and what an outstanding contest. The bar is going to be set so high for the next contest.

Shannon Morgan (09.15.09, 9:13 AM): Scott, Brian, Luis, and Kate, I know this sound so sappy and dorky, but the truth is just having one of my photographes make top five and sit next to yours was more than I could handle, so this just might put me over the edge :)!! Thank you everyone that voted, and thank you michael!!

Kyle (09.15.09, 8:13 AM): Great job Shannon!

sue (09.15.09, 7:56 AM): Congrats Shannon!

chaos2k (09.15.09, 7:45 AM): Awesome Shannon!!!! Congrats!

Brian Owen (09.15.09, 6:11 AM): Excellent!! Congrats Shannon, beautiful photo. Keep up the great work.

Scott Roeben (09.15.09, 1:56 AM): Congratulations, Shannon! Well deserved.