Ivan bethell (07.22.13, 11:55 AM): There is no honor at budget car rental in Tulsa, OK either as I found out last week. 7/19/13. While I was signing the rental agreement the very polite customer service agent proceeded to explain how much better it would be if I took advantage of their return on empty policy. I said I usually just fill it up before I return it. She told me if I let them fill it up they have better prices than I could buy it for at a gas station. I said what if I bring it back with half or three quarters tank? Do I get charged for the whole tank? She said no, we will fill it up here at the cheaper rate and you will save money. Guess what happened when I returned with three quarters tank remaining. I got "you requested our return on empty policy and you will be charged $67 for using a quarter of a tank in a mid size dodge avenger. Well I was livid; called the customer service agent who had been so nice while she was deceiving me a crook and talked to national customer service and they refunded me $17 supposedly to my debit card. Do American companies have to resort to such loathsome tactics to make a profit. I am ashamed to be an American these days. I recommend you spend your hard earned dollars at companies who choose not to be scum bags.

richard davis (09.20.12, 11:01 PM): I rented at BNA and questioned the policy. It has been a long time since I rented from Budget. So, okay, I'll just find a close gas station and fill up and hang on to the receipt. Well, I filled and I filled and I filled the KIA I rented, and the fuel gage never went to full. I filled it until the gas spilled out, and still it didn't show full. I even went to two different stations, thinking the pump might be defective. I called their res, and was told by the bimbo working there that I must have driven the car a mile or so and depleted the gas, so it wouldn't register full. Huh? The gas station is one block from the hotel. I used to work for car rental companies, and rent all the time, but this is the first "Budget" in years -- and the last. I will make it a point to go to the closest station I can find before BNA and fill it until it overflows, then I will watch them try to fill in in the return line -- if the will. This is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen, especially if the car gage is fixed.

Rome (06.20.10, 12:09 AM): I also fell for this scam as well recently. I was told to return the vehicle empty, and they will refill it. but during my driving, i filled the car with $40 (from an empty tank), and the rental place charged me $60. I return the car full, and they would not credit my credit card.

Jim (09.16.09, 1:46 AM): I've had numerous problems with Budget (OK, with others too) and stopped patronizing them several years ago. Thanks for posting this on your blog so others can be made aware!

Trish (09.15.09, 8:56 AM): I've had problems with them as well and refuse to use them. Now I have an even more reason not to use them. Thanks for the tip!

Night Fox (09.13.09, 9:23 PM): Well, it always seems that people are trying to make a buck here or there. Anyways, thought I would share my little resource site I am creating. In it I have a Fuel Calculator were you can found out how much fuel you are going to be using on any given trip. www.nightfoxproductions.com/resources.htm

michael andrew (09.13.09, 2:05 PM): That's the idea- BUT its not enough anymore to fill it up, you have to prove it with a receipt (within the last hour or so). I know $14 doesnt sound like a lot, but when traveling now there are so many add on fees. Luggage fees, overweight bag fees, Hotel "parking" and internet fees (both should be fee), you have to buy meals on many flights, so after all these extras- you can no problem spend $100. I cant stand companies that say "this is the price" when they know full well they will hit you with add on costs later.

Arkona (09.13.09, 7:53 AM): So how exactly do you as the one renting the vehicle, know that the vehicle was completly full in the first place? I understand paying for the gas you used, but say you only used $5 worth, can you just put $5 back in and the fee is waved? Smooth Move Budget - thanks for the warning Michael