Melody (09.11.09, 7:16 PM): Funky! I see a right hand on the left side and arm on the bottom. Same location as day 236?

Lloyd Christy (09.11.09, 7:03 PM): Is this water? Is that your right ear and neck? Great golden color.

matt (09.11.09, 6:04 PM): i guess some kind of sand or corn is running down and michael has his hand in "the stream" so some of it is spilling on the left side of the image - am i right michael??

Diane (09.11.09, 5:40 PM): I can't figure this one out

MindyB (09.11.09, 5:24 PM): Where are you and what are you doing? Crazy shot. Love it.

Alex Rubio (09.11.09, 4:14 PM): Nice shot, where the heck are ya Michael...