Pascual Marcone (03.10.16, 9:05 PM): Awesome, you are cool

Alex Rubio (09.11.09, 9:26 AM): Congratulations Michael! Awesomely done! Can't believe it has been 3 months since you were here in Miami...

Boz (09.11.09, 9:09 AM): Congratulations on completing such an amazing excursion!

Arkona (09.11.09, 9:07 AM): Oh, those sound like some pretty interesting ideas - hey, ever thought of some video conferencing classes? That would be kinda cool too. I would absolutely love Maui - have to see about feasability for a family package though - what a great excuse to go though!

Shannon Morgan (09.10.09, 10:31 PM): i am always looking for an excuse to go to maui :)!!

MindyB (09.10.09, 7:56 PM): Got my plane ticket. Oh wait I need the date. LOL :) Want to go count me in.

Glen (09.10.09, 5:53 PM): I'm packing now!

Rebecca Payne (09.10.09, 5:28 PM): Count me in for MAUI!!!