Troy IronWing (09.04.09, 9:18 PM): What a great moment in time! Thank you so much Michael Andrew for giving a beginner some inspiration. Congrats to Everyone who entered this competition. Macro winners and HMs, congrats! Its been a true pleasure.

Diane (09.04.09, 6:03 PM): Awwww Shannon, you're so sweet! :-)

Shannon Morgan Photography (09.04.09, 4:56 PM): yay auntie D!!! i am so excited for you!! scott you crack me up :)! and that shot is unreal!! congrats again :)!!

Cary Di Buono (09.04.09, 1:05 PM): Thank you Alex, We did it, We all won, I told you we are a good Team, Thank you Michael I was so excited when Alex told me, I could not believe it, thank you again.

Scott Roeben (09.04.09, 1:03 PM): P.S. This is why I watch where I step these days:

Scott Roeben (09.04.09, 12:59 PM): Wow! I'm so happy. And I don't generally get happy. In fact, I'm bordering on gleeful. I'm glee-filled. This is doubly satisfying because this shot took hours and hours of critter wrangling. A tip for anyone looking to do insects. One, do something bigger than an ant. Two, chill 'em in the fridge for 3-5 minutes. They come out of it just fine. This bugger was released back into the wild, by the way. I have issues. Thanks, Michael!

Amber Coppi (09.04.09, 8:45 AM): YAY Diane! Yep, that's your name, I saw it with my own two eyes! lol Feels kinda good doesn't it?

Alex Rubio (09.04.09, 8:43 AM): Caryyyyy!!!!, Another one for the home team, so amazing, congratulations again...!!!

Diane (09.04.09, 7:35 AM): OMG! Is that really my name up there in 5th place? Thank you, Michael!