Boz (09.03.09, 9:00 PM): Thanks for the experience Michael, that was a good learning experience for me, I would like to participate in more contests, and I think this was a good step - thank you for the opportunity to participate, and 2 HM's - looking forward to being a little more prepared next time as well!!!

Shannon Morgan (09.03.09, 12:22 PM): Congrats top six and hm's!! This is so exciting!! Kate Justice!! seriously this is such an amazing shot, SO worthy of the win!!! Thank you michael ;)!!

Cary Di Buono (09.03.09, 10:35 AM): Thank you Alex, "We are a good Team"..

Rob (09.03.09, 10:34 AM): Congrats to all of the winners! Looking at all the images that have been posted here, it doesnt look like it was an easy contest to judge. Great work too all of you!

Alex Rubio (09.03.09, 10:29 AM): YESSS!!!! One for the home team!!! Congratulations Cary...!!!

Cary Di Buono (09.03.09, 7:27 AM): Waoo!!, Thank you Michael, I'm very very happy to be on the top "6" as I said before I learned a lot on your training, thank you again for this.

Adrian Judy (09.03.09, 6:42 AM): I think there was a name mix up. the first picture in the honorable mentions is mine. yay!