Shannon Morgan Photography (09.02.09, 3:02 PM): I agree, the entries in this category were beyond spectacular!! Seriously stunning stuff!! I would LOVE to see your shot up close Brian! I would love to see all of them up close :)!! Congrats everyone!!

Troy IronWing (09.02.09, 11:07 AM): I am beyond words right now!!!! After seeing the amount of talent that entered this contest and to make honorable mention means the world to me. Thank you. Congrats to the top 5 and HMs!!!

Kelly Easter (09.02.09, 10:12 AM): Of all the entries... I loved the entries in this category the most! There was such a broad range of great images... The shots were more dissimilar the all the other divisions!

Mike Cruz (09.02.09, 8:49 AM): Among all these great photos.. i'm honored to be in one of the HMs... congrats to all!

Brian Owen (09.02.09, 8:34 AM): I am so shocked I almost fell out of chair just now. I can't believe it. To be quite honest, this picture and the one I submitted in the abstract category are the first 2 pictures I have ever printed since I just got my first DSLR, one of michaels DVD's and Lightroom 3 1/2 months ago, before backpacking Europe. To everyone, I have learned so much from each of ya'll in the forums and on Michaels DVDs and blog, so thanks to each and everyone of ya'll. I love learning from ya'll. Saving money for more DVDs, gear and software. The picture was taken on the Island of Burano off the coast of Venice. I will post a high res if anyone wants to see it. Humbled to say the least.

michael andrew (09.02.09, 8:09 AM): Oh I think I know what happened here, sorry Omar- No Honorable Mention for you. It was a great pic! But I had to take it down, you probably know why :)

Jeremy Lott (09.02.09, 8:04 AM): Wow, I got 5th place!! Michael, I couldn't do much about the sky, it was almost sunset on a foggy afternoon in San Francisco! Congrats to everyone.

Brook Robinson (09.02.09, 7:01 AM): Congrats to everyone! And Omar, I see my photo but not my name. Must have been a mix up of some sort.

Omar Torres (09.02.09, 5:45 AM): Congrats to all! Michael, just wondering, was there an other Omar Torres that entered? Because i see my name but not my picture. Just curious.

Bruno Campbell (09.02.09, 4:34 AM): Congrats to all winners :)