cravephotography (09.06.09, 11:42 PM): Seriously laughing out loud! I can honestly just envision this and it would have been so dang funny! I am one of those persons who can't help but laugh when stuff like this happens (I'm not very nice). Once I saw a friend slip on black ice but his legs zipped back and forth like 10 times trying to keep his balance before he went down. I laughed till i cried it was so funny!! I think this may have been that funny! To bad I missed it :)

Boz (09.02.09, 5:27 PM): ps, that looks like some pretty nice choices for a buffet line!

Boz (09.02.09, 5:26 PM): LOL - what's really sad is when you become a parent and that's your first thought as your child has a major messy wipe out !

kim (09.02.09, 1:13 PM): wow, I give it a 10

Indiana Event Photographer (09.02.09, 10:16 AM): This makes me laugh... All during the conference Michael would lean on a table and say "Wouldn't it be funny if this broke and I fell..." I said "No, that wouldn't be funny" (I am adverse to pain)... and he would say "oh yeah, I think that would be hilarious"... I wondered if he was serious... Now I know... MA gets a kick out of falling!

Alex Rubio (09.02.09, 9:20 AM): Nice shot Michael... I'm still laughing with your comments, hehe, must have been hilarious ta see ya. Did ya get free food out of it at least?, haha... Would you comment a lil on how you performed this shot?

Diane (09.02.09, 9:02 AM): LOL! You must just ignore all of the "strange" looks you must be getting! Gotta love that!

Deepak Bhardwaj (09.02.09, 6:45 AM): Oops!! Hope you didn't hurt yourself.