Jamievb (09.01.09, 3:14 PM): Cangatulations everyone.. I still can't believe I made HM. It is so exciting!

Melanie Baranauskas (09.01.09, 1:48 PM): Wow!! I was hoping for an HM and found out I came in fourth! Made me have the biggest koolaid smile all day long! By the way I absolutely love the last HM! : )

Shannon Morgan (09.01.09, 10:52 AM): Amazing job winners!! I think you have to be especially creative to see ordinary things in a whole new perspective. these are fantastic!! congratulations!!

Yvonne Olds (09.01.09, 10:04 AM): if anyone wants to the hig res on #3 http://www.betterphoto.com/Premium/Gallery.aspx?id=325868&cat=0&photoID=8860998&mp=V1. Its a sunflower pedal

Mike Cruz (09.01.09, 9:43 AM): Congratulations everyone! Wow all the images are really incredible.. i'm happy to be in the honorable mention :)

Brook Robinson (09.01.09, 7:58 AM): No way!! I already had the winners for the category selected, and I wasn't one of them. Second? What awesome encouragement!!! Thanks Michael! If you'd like a closer look of the image, it can be viewed here: http://shadyhugs.smugmug.com/Other/Urban-Lanscapes/9132882_xKwWf#608869403_3vKgM

Jeff Taylor (09.01.09, 7:14 AM): #5 is looking up a stone double spiral staircase (designed by DaVinci himself) inside Chambourg, a 16th century French castle, just as the sun was overhead. Looks kinda sci-fi, I know. Glad you liked it!

Yvonne Olds (09.01.09, 7:06 AM): Whew, I didn't think Id win anything.. took 3rd in this category. However I think thats it, but thats ok... Im extremely happy.. 20 Min phone call w/Michael... whooo hooo.

Boz (09.01.09, 6:31 AM): Love the colours and very creative shots!