Mike Cruuz (08.31.09, 11:10 PM): congratulations to all the winners and hm... all the pictures were awesome!

Scott Roeben (08.31.09, 10:07 PM): Thanks for the links, Shannon and Mark. Shannon, that winning shot is so great! I love how the focal plane thingy lines up just right for the rope thingy, and really great work on the eyes. Awesome, everybody.

Indianapolis Wedding Photography (08.31.09, 7:57 PM): I loved Rebecca Payne's Child Portrait Honorable Mention on the right, so sweet. But they were all so good. Congrats Shannon!

Mark Eisele (08.31.09, 7:56 PM): This was so much fun! Congratulations, not only to the Top 5 and HMs, but to all of you that took the time to enter. It must have been a very difficult contest to judge (from what I can see something great can be said for each photo that was submitted). I especially liked the 1st image from the 3rd row down (boy with orange t-shirt and looks like green eyes). For those of you that would like to see the images (plus a few more) I submitted check out the following site and good luck to you all for the rest of the competition. http://www.myshutterspace.com/profile/markeisele

Tammy Tin (08.31.09, 7:15 PM): Great job Everyone! Super High Five to our "forum friend" Shannon! We are all so proud of you!! Way to go girl!

Shannon Morgan (08.31.09, 7:14 PM): that is such a great idea scott, i have been wanting to see so many more up close, your shot is amazing, so much character and depth, i am not sure how the heck michael chose one over another!! here is mine....thanks everyone and congrats to all the winners and HM!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/31724827@N06/3876513678/sizes/l/

Lisa Knowlton (08.31.09, 7:14 PM): Wow. Michael, what an inspiration for so many people. It's thrilling for me to see the photos of people who entered, won, and to hear your comments. I think what you are doing is brilliant.

Scott Roeben (08.31.09, 6:26 PM): Good going, everyone! An honor to be listed among such talented folks. It would be great if everyone could post links to larger versions of their images so we can see them in all their glory. Here's mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lvshooter/3726089404/sizes/o/

Jamievb (08.31.09, 6:22 PM): Congrats to everyone!!

Kelly (08.31.09, 5:39 PM): WE are so proud of you Shannon!

Kyle (08.31.09, 3:51 PM): Great job everyone.

Boz (08.31.09, 3:34 PM): What an incredibly difficult decison to make these are Great - and I'm thrilled to be an HM too!!!

Diane (08.31.09, 3:21 PM): Yes stinkin' way!!!! You go, girl! :-)

Shannon Morgan (08.31.09, 3:13 PM): No stinkin WAY!!!!

Lauri Glenn (08.31.09, 2:34 PM): Congratulations to the winners!

Diane (08.31.09, 2:32 PM): Congrats to the winners and HMs!

James McQuiggan (08.31.09, 2:15 PM): Congratulations to the winners and HM's!

Alex Rubio (08.31.09, 1:21 PM): Congratulations to all winners!, I know this must have been an extremely tough call for Michael,

michael andrew (08.31.09, 12:57 PM): PS- The most common issue with many of the others was exposure based, for example muted colors in the face.