Alex Rubio (09.01.09, 2:39 PM): Not a problem at all, I usually print borderless. I just thought maybe you wanted the white border to rule out copyright or something of that nature...

michael andrew (09.01.09, 1:38 PM): White borders are usually added AUTOMATICALLY when trying to print an image onto an 8x10 (as 4x6's print normally, when printing to larger size it should be 8x12- part of the image would be cropped off- one way this is overcome is that printers add the white border). When we started hearing about all the issues with the white border we realized that many entrants may not have ever printed an 8x10, and it just made it confusing. Next time it will simply be "send in an 8x10". Sorry for the confusion. :)

Alex Rubio (09.01.09, 9:15 AM): Michael, what was the original purpose of the white border?

michael andrew (09.01.09, 2:06 AM): The white border thing was something I should have changed to simply say: "send in an 8 x 10". No one was penalized for the white border or not. Im still learning too! :) M

Derrick (08.31.09, 11:04 PM): Brook Robinson & Indianapolis Wedding Photography - Thank you for the tip! Next time, I won't lose part of my image to a wider than normal border. =)

Indianapolis Wedding Photography (08.31.09, 8:00 PM): Hi Derrick, In photo shop, I opened a new file made it slightly larger than my 8x10 and "shift + alt" my image to adjust it uniformly over the white layer and then just flattened. (Action- Upper Right Race Horses)

Brook Robinson (08.31.09, 5:45 PM): Derrick, I set my white border as part of the canvas before sending it to print. You can set the image size to be a bit smaller than the canvas size and make the canvas color white.

Derrick (08.31.09, 1:01 PM): Since entering the contest, I am even more inspired to get better shots by being more aware of framing my subjects. I also see I wasn't the only one having problems with setting up a white border evenly. How did every one do it, as it cut-off some of my picture and made two sides wider than the other. =(

chaos2k (08.31.09, 11:58 AM): after seeing these wall pics I think everyone needs to share more in the forum. great job to everyone!

Cary Di Buono (08.31.09, 6:50 AM): Thank you Michael, I'm so happy to see my Pictures in your Website, thanks for all that I learned from you.

Indianapolis Wedding Photography (08.31.09, 4:42 AM): I can't wait for everyone to see the final 5 Photos!

Alex Rubio (08.30.09, 11:38 PM): Thank you so much Michael, your words of encouragement and support are so inspiring. It feels wonderful to see my work (which is also your hard work, thanks to you the photos are there!) displayed on your site, it is an honor... Thanks again!

michael andrew (08.30.09, 10:27 PM): Im really proud of everyone who entered. You guys deserve some good recognition, not only for the photography itself, but for having the courage to display your work and then going through all the trouble to send it in. :)

Boz (08.30.09, 9:18 PM): What a Huge job to go through and try to decide out of these submissions! Those are some incredible shots! Great idea to have the contest Michael!!! ps, thanks for the input on my little "branding" idea - just trying to put what I learned at your workshop into actions :)

Audrey coley Photography (08.30.09, 5:49 PM): How Exciting, and just seeing my pictures there is awesome!

michael andrew (08.30.09, 4:42 PM): PS- Top 10 (including winners of places 1-5 and 5 honorable mentions) will probably be posted tomorrow evening! Then we will be opening a vote for the grand prize starting on Tuesdayish.