michael andrew (08.30.09, 1:18 PM): Thank you guys! I failed to mention Kelly and Glen for helping with the Photography Contest which was a tremendous amount of work. Im sure there are many more I am missing, my brain is still in recovery mode...Im sure Ill be in a daze for the next week. :)

Shannon Morgan (08.30.09, 12:47 PM): ha julia, that is funny :)!! Michael thanks for the push and the opportunity to host, it is one of the best things I have done all year!!!

Indianapolis Wedding Photography (08.30.09, 9:57 AM): I am so glad I got to be part of your experience! Thank you for including me.

Julia Shinkle Phototgraphy (08.30.09, 8:50 AM): Michael has left the building!

Bill (08.30.09, 7:30 AM): congratulations Michael. Mission accomplished!