ronald (11.03.09, 1:00 PM): dude youre the best! im a canon shooter. im a newbie,anyways, id just like to let you know how awesome you are. with your simple vids i was able to understand the beauty of photography, "endless passion"!!!!!! thank you man! keep it up, "life changing hobby i could say! thanks again dude...

Indiana Wedding Photographer (08.29.09, 11:47 PM): MA I don't know if I would ever be able to do this... but it would sure be fun to try to capture this. Nice Job Scott!

I-Wander (08.27.09, 7:50 PM): Or, write normal and reverse in PS. Much easier that way.

Scott Roeben (08.27.09, 7:39 PM): Oh, and chaos2K. Hint: Learn to write in the air. Backwards!

Scott Roeben (08.27.09, 12:58 PM): I was so juiced at the end of the workshop, I just couldn't stop shooting! What an amazing day. Oh, and Michael, before I forget, my girlfriend wanted me to mention that if you look closely next to my right arm in that photo, you'll see a framed photo. That's a portrait you took of us, and she loves it (we both do). Too funny that it was in this shot and I didn't even realize it. Thanks again for a magical day. Our brains our full and our enthusiasm for photography is overflowing. You rock!

chaos2k (08.27.09, 10:54 AM): awesome. ive done some light painting but I need to figure out how to write names