Indiana Wedding Photographer (08.29.09, 11:49 PM): Were you able to shoot any photos of the bodies? I'd love to see the images.

michael andrew (08.26.09, 1:35 AM): Got the message, but I don't think we got your letter. Ill know next week for sure when I get back to Mesa.

sunfrog (08.25.09, 4:23 PM): Hey buddy i don't know if your people contacted you or not but they said they did and that you would contact me when you got back in town this is no biggy i just called to see if my check had made to your adress because i have been haveing some prob with my post office thats all i wanted to no but if you want to cantact me i'm on your form site you can pm me and save the money from a phone call aka tim thanks sorry for any trouble

Shannon Morgan Photography (08.25.09, 12:18 PM): Sounds like a great day, good luck with the rest of the workshops!!