Julia Shinkle Photography (08.22.09, 2:53 PM): Kelly mine are on the way. You should have them by the deadline. Just in case you didn't get my e-mail...Thanks again for checking in with me.

Kelly Easter (08.21.09, 9:23 AM): Julia You have to enter a photo to win the contest. Are you one of the entries we have with no information?

Lauri (08.21.09, 12:41 AM): Ah....San Francisco - my favorite place to visit! Very nice shot of the bridge!

Boz (08.20.09, 10:36 PM): Man that's high - you want to come an hang our Christmas lights this year - I think I'm getting more and more afraid of heights with age:) Can't wait for the lesson though - glad you figured out the audio. Great confidence Julia - I always tell people that's half the battle :) Nice work too.

Julia Shinkle Photography (08.20.09, 9:38 PM): Hey Michael. "My name is Julia Shinkle and I am the best photographer in the world!!!" So that being said I better win the photography contest!

Brian (08.20.09, 7:37 PM): I thought that was a silhouette of a bush, lol.

Diane (08.20.09, 8:43 AM): LOL Wish I could have been there to watch!