nicole (08.22.09, 7:18 PM): I REALLY love the lighting. I just might be a speedlite girl afterall ;-)

michael andrew (08.21.09, 1:18 AM): Good Derrick! Perfect! It seems to be about 30 feet max

Kelly Easter (08.20.09, 7:44 PM): I have got to move near the water. You always get such great pictures on the shore.

Derrick (08.20.09, 8:59 AM): Looks like a ST-E2 transmitter and you are using ETTL2 (are you using metered flash?). I would have never known but learned this from your Speedlite Crash Course DVD. It's cool that the ST-E2 can do metered and trigger a flash in manual mode. What is the max distance (line of sight) that one can get between using a ST-E2 with a Speedlite? (20ft?) thanks. =)

Alex Rubio (08.20.09, 8:09 AM): Very nice shot Michael... You have a wireless transmitter on top of your camera and your oldest niece is holding one of your 580s. Came out awesome...!

michael andrew (08.20.09, 2:16 AM): All the clues are there! I like doing these little shots to teach a lesson to the observant eye. The lens is a 70-200 2.8 IS. Say...whats that on top of my camera?

Derrick (08.19.09, 3:13 PM): Michael, what lens did you use for this? Thanks.

Shannon Morgan (08.19.09, 12:30 PM): I love this!! the lighting looks so great and natural. is she holding a flash off camera left?