michael andre (08.18.09, 1:27 AM): Yes, I used a .9 grad ND filter, which fades around where the water is. Triggered with pocket wizards, i had be careful to walk sideways so not to disturb the structure of the lines in the foreground. The beach was COMPLETELY empty, so I was ok leaving my camera so far away. :)

Kelly Easter (08.17.09, 11:23 PM): MA please share the details of the shot. Did you use a filter? If so, what filter? Was there a filter used in processing? I am so impressed with the uniform tone throughout the image.

Seerose (08.17.09, 8:52 PM): Outstanding photo. Love it! My favourite for the year so far too!

Kelly Easter (08.16.09, 10:41 PM): This is the best picture of 2009!

Shannon Morgan Photography (08.16.09, 9:27 PM): This shot is so different than a lot of your other work, and i love it :)!! not that I don't love your other work of course :), but it just has a different mood to it.

Brian (08.16.09, 8:18 PM): This is one of my favorite for the year.

chaos2k (08.16.09, 11:57 AM): I'd love to be there right now.

tammy tin (08.16.09, 9:50 AM): picture perfect Michael!

Lloyd (08.16.09, 6:21 AM): Great composition, I feel like I could walk right into this picture.

Kjersti (08.16.09, 4:34 AM): I love the lines in the sand.