Derby (08.13.09, 11:19 AM): Shannon, Awesome pictures on your web...if you don't mind me asking...what kind of camera are you using?

Julia Shinkle (08.12.09, 9:48 AM): If time goes by that fast while you are "working" than you have found your true profession. You are so lucky to have found a job that is so rewarding, fun and helps so many people. I can't believe my workshop is tomorrow! It is going to be great!

Dana (08.12.09, 8:31 AM): Thanks michael, had a great tiime, met some new people...and picked up some great tricks too. My name is not as cool as shannons, comming soon though.

Shannon Morgan Photography (08.12.09, 2:20 AM): No, thank you michael....we all had a blast and learned a ton!! PS. You like the name (wink wink).