Scott Roeben (08.10.09, 11:53 AM): I love that! Walking out after you've paid! You are so right! It's a few bucks, but the real loss is TIME. Just let it go, and you have freedom (and peace of mind). Brilliant! I think this is also a very strong statement, because leaving after you paid is so rare, it really draws attention to the bad service, and a manager is likely to notice. I think people who work in these places have good intentions, but the front-line folks aren't always as invested, usually because of how they're compensated (or not), or how they're treated by managers, etc. Just walk into an In 'n' Out, and you'll see the difference. Thanks, as always, Michael!

Tammy Tin (08.09.09, 7:08 PM): Glad to hear that Michael!.. 3 months of fast food would have shut your organs down by now.. LOL

michael andrew (08.09.09, 11:29 AM): Actually, I rarely eat junk food- most fast food restaurants have many healthy options, even Sonic has a very good salad with chicken. Being on the road for 3 months forces you to check out every option on every menu. :)

Diane (08.09.09, 11:13 AM): I totally agree with you, Michael! Unfortunately, this has happened to us.....waited 25 minutes for tacos!! How stupid were we? And the place wasn't even crowded!! Go figure. Anyway, I don't go there anymore. Like you said, it's not worth the frustration or time is too short to wait in line! And yes, we have also walked out of a fast food place because the lines were too long and moving slowly....heck, even walked out of restaurants because the wait would be longer than 30 minutes!

Brian (08.09.09, 11:11 AM): Very true Tammy.

tammy Tin (08.09.09, 8:43 AM): Or better yet.. Don't eat fast food that stuff will kill ya!