yvonne olds (08.10.09, 8:02 AM): i took my son we both enjoyed it. lots of action

Kjersti (08.08.09, 2:49 AM): I agree. I saw it tonight, and it is a fun summer movie.

Dan R (08.07.09, 6:50 PM): Saw it this afternoon with my teenage son. Critics are taking it too seriously for its lack of supposed artistic merits. Its GIJOE for crying out loud. As Michael mentioned, its not exactly for kids, there is death and even swearing, so I would say teenagers and older. We enjoyed it.

michael andrew (08.07.09, 11:40 AM): I loved GI Joe as a kid, so I might be biased, but for the most part, the graphics, fighting scenes were great. Even the story line was pretty good. No real character development, just a fun summer movie. And yes....people die- unlike the cartoon. (No one died in the cartoon).

Abraham Yang (08.07.09, 10:19 AM): Yeah, I thought the previews were a little cheesy, the graphics a little too fake looking, and I'm thinking bad acting, terrible scripts, and questionable storyline. I'll definitely force my wife to go check it out with me then. Thanks for the quick review.