michael andrew (08.05.09, 1:15 AM): I liked this 365 because the above code represents a very small sequence of DNA found in all humans, the "TATA box" and if so, this code represents a very small part of me (or my genetic code) as well as you. I was thinking about it today and I find it forcing me to try to think outside the box, which is what the 365 is all about.

Alex Rubio (08.04.09, 3:04 PM): You are a Biochemist...

Kyle (08.04.09, 8:26 AM): Although if anyone knows your DNA sequence, they know you too well!

kim (08.04.09, 8:23 AM): nerd :)

Kyle (08.04.09, 8:10 AM): I think Cndy is correct. It's your DNA sequence.

Cndy (08.04.09, 2:24 AM): It's looks like a DNA sequence. Decoding: 3' - ATATTT - 5' Translating: unknown.