Today is the first Saturday of the College football season as you all well know. Why do I get so excited for college football? Why does anyone get excited for college football? I cant put my finger on it, but wow! As much as I love it, I know deep down that my chances of being completely happy with the college season is about 1 in 60 ish (I would say one in 119, but come on, some teams are so bad….)

I think everyone wants to associate themselves with being winners. So, for whatever reason we have our favorite teams, and when they win….we win. When they lose, we lose. We feel the effects of the win or loss for at least a week when they play again. The thing is….the chances of your team losing at least one game, even if it is USC… pretty good. And uh…do we sit to realize we have absolutely no control over what happens in the game? (With the exception of being a fan and screaming as loud as we can in certain 3rd down situations).

So if I get this right, when it comes to college football, we put a weeks worth of happiness into a group of young men, who usually we dont know, have no influence on and the chances of them losing a game (let alone not winning the national title) are pretty high? Its like we are destined to unhappiness! Yet we can never learn. See even now, in the back of my mind, I am thinking BYU and Alabama may have a chance at going undefeated this year….and they havent even played a game!! Craziness!

College football….you gotta love it!

PS- How would it feel to be a Michigan Fan right about now?