Caught “Cloverfield” tonight. I went with the expectation of not wanting to enjoy it, but you know what? I liked this movie. While it isn’t for everyone, it is different than your run of the mill movie coming out of Hollywood, and to me that is what made it stand out. I thought it was very well made, and the thing I believe that made it work was the incredible sound it had. Interesting how that works, low quality camera (not to mention all the jitters) + amazing sound = pretty good combo. ok…I am sure they used something much better than your standard handheld miniDv camera. I do know it cost just over $30 million to make.

I have some spoilers in the password protected part of this entry. The password is something I cant stand….hint: its not a plant or an animal, yet is edible, plural. I pulled a drawing of the Cloverfield monster off the internet, and even added one from Ironman, which looks pretty sweet. The monster looked quite different than this thing, but it does give you a general idea. Ironman looks soooooo good!