I am constantly sent photography products to test, review or even endorse. I have been sent some truly weird things over the years and have learned it’s best to simply say “I will not endorse any product I wouldn’t personally use in my own shooting”. That is my measure of how good a product should be. If its crap, I am not going to endorse it.

TurboAce has a wonderful new product. I have personally used and tested the Click holster and it’s the best I’ve seen of it’s kind. Turbo Ace even took many of my suggestions to heart to improve the product.

Being able to release your gear with a single-hand is critical for any photographer on the move. Being able to then reattach your gear with little effort (and not so much as a glance) is equally important. This holster does this and more. With a wide range of accessories it’s totally customizable and versatile to meet your needs. It’s completely modular so that means it can be attached to almost anything; a neck strap, shoulder strap, waist strap, backpack, belts, purses — anything. When it is in the holster, it is locked in. There is no chance of it coming out without unlocking it with the lever.

As I mention in the video below getting the pressure off my neck and using the holster on my hip is really comfortable for me. I also don’t like using straps when I am shooting surf because the camera hangs too low to the sand or water. Being able to easily remove the camera from a tripod and place it in securely in the click holster while I make adjustments or move locations is ideal & that’s why it’s part of my daily gear now.

TurboAce has been designing and manufacturing professional camera gear for nearly a decade.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one before anyone else, consider backing the Click on Kickstarter. There’s all kind of freebies and extras for backers too. Check it out HERE.

Check out the promo video below to see it in action.