Made it back to Maui tonight, around 230am Alabama time (trip took about 19 hours)- any time I come or go to Alabama, its pretty much a day of traveling with layovers, and driving. Its good to be back, but man am I tired.

As you guys have seen from yesterday’s photo, yes, I am sportin a new hair cut. This is the longest it has ever been, and I think I am just going to roll with it for a few more weeks/months.

I think it is important to “re-invent” one’s self every few years, and this includes changing your physical appearance. Ive done clean cut, Ive done bald and now its time to see what long hair looks like. Im thankful I can at least grow it out.

One of my football coaches used to say “Consistency is the refuge of fools”. What I take that quote to mean is that once you get comfortable with something, complacency creeps in and robs us of learning and trying new things and improving. I’ve never had very long hair, so I thought I would try it out and see what people think (feel free to leave comments).