Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 Michael The Maven’s Cell Phone Portrait Division. Before we give the names and identities of our winners, we do have one last round of voting for the Canon T2i SLR Grand Prize, which is sitting here in Maui, in it’s unopened box, excited for a new home. Please keep in mind, anyone who makes it to a Finalist Level is now considered an “Award Winning Photographer”. You are to be commended for your work and effort. There are some organizational things I need to wrap up as well, but we plan to post the names of all the winners on a final contest result page.

This is a pretty important round of voting, the winner will get the T2i, the other 1st place winners will get Canon Digital Elph Cameras. Voting is on the very bottom of this post.

Cell Phone – Portrait Category 1st Place- Woman Waiting for Subway
2nd Place- Young Girl with Blue Eyes
3rd Place- 4 Boys
Honorable Mention- Black and White of Young Man

Cell Phone – Landscape 1st Place- Colorful Forest
2nd Place- Floating Structure on a Lake
3rd Place- Green Hill With Tree
Honorable Mention- Windmill
Honorable Mention- Black and White Soccer

Cell Phone – Wildcard Category 1st Place- Red Leaves
2nd Place- Humming Bird
3rd Place-Tie- Curved Building
3rd Place-Tie- Backseat Photography