I wanted to get a good point and shoot that I could carry around with me for the 365 project.

I drooled over all the features of the Lumix DMC LX3 and ordered one from BHphoto.com. After seeing its size, however, I knew it wasnt going to work out…it was just too darn big…freaking amazing camera, but not something you could put in your pocket.

I wanted a point and shoot that:

1. Was teeny tiny.
2. Had at least 10 Mega Pixels
3. Could record video and audio.
4. Had a fairly wide aperture, and zoom capabilities.

From the research I did, this was one of the best I could find. It runs about $200 retail.

Ive been doing some post processing on the images you have seen so far, so it doesnt reflect the camera’s sensor abilities. Its about the size of a credit card, but about a half inch thick. It also has spot metering, 5 flash modes, a maximum aperture of 2.8, max shutter speed of 1/2000, and many other nice features. I wish it had RAW, but it doesn’t. So far the images have been pretty good, not amazing, but for the size of it, Im very happy.

I will keep my eyes peeled for better models and keep you updated.

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