Ive been getting a lot of questions about how Ive been taking pictures/video underwater and I wanted to inform you that this is a fantastic set up. I did a ton of research on Point and Shoot Cameras before I bought my little Casio Ex-S10, and one of the requirements was that the manufacturer had to make a waterproof housing for it that would go down to at least 100 feet as I like to scuba dive. Because the EX-S10 also records standard and widescreen video, this combination was exactly what I needed. The Housing is a little bulky, but otherwise I am able to operate the camera exactly as I would on dry land.

Im often asked on which point and shoot camera to buy, and if a very small, compact camera is what you are looking for, I cant be happier with the Casio Ex-S10. Casio Exilim Ex–S10 Camera

EWC-120 Waterproof Housing for EX-S10