I lived in Silver City, New Mexico for about a year when I was 8. I had always heard about Carlsbad Caverns and wanted to see them, but we never got a chance to get out there, so when I saw the signs for it yesterday, I decided to take a quick detour….thats what cross country road trips are all about right? (It was a bout 20 miles out of my way). For being so far out of the way (the site is pretty much in the middle of the desert), it was PACKED with tourists. They were cool with photography, even flash photography so I grabbed most of my gear, a tripod and a few flashlights (to paint with light if needed).

I was aiming to spend about an hour there, but it ended up being 2 and half hours. I took one walking tour, it was a MILE long! It is impossible to explain in words how expansive and utterly amazing this was. The caves just went on and on and on and on. Truly an awesome site, if you ever have the chance to check Carlsbad Caverns out, you absolutely will not be disappointed.