Getting ready for my road trip, I am trying to eliminate as much gear as I possibly can. I love the video features on the 5Dii and T1i, but I was reluctant to get rid of my XL1s’s for a number of reason, one being I could use them as an interface to run SD video into my computer, so I needed a smaller (much smaller) alternative.

I picked up this little gem a few days ago and haven’t been able to test it out until today.Its an interface that will let you use your computer hard drive as a recorder for ANY Standard Definition Video (Digital or Analog) and/or Audio. (Think TV, Xbox, older DV tapes, backing up those older movies, etc). Uses firewire cable so you dont need a power converter (which I cant stand, I have like 20 of them for different devices).

I was looking at another product by Pinnacle (Dazzle) and learned it had a lot of quality issues and software problems- it may be fine for consumers, but anyone looking for a quality interface may want to consider this. It worked fine in Premeire Pro and Final Cut. Buying it from will save you about $70 over buying it in the Apple Store like I did.

Canopus ADVC Video/Audio Interface