I cant believe I forgot to post this….The Canon reps had one of the new 100mm Macro Lenses at the workshop. I got to play with it, extremely nice (and very expensive, almost twice as much as the last 100mm ($1050).

The main reason this lens was so sweet is because it has Canon’s new 3-D image stabilization in it, so not only up and down & left and right, but it stabilizes forward and backward motion (amazing for handheld macro work).

When you add it on to the Canon 7D, the 7D recognizes it and turns on the IS automatically.

Vince showed some demos with old IS and this new IS when shooting video handheld…the new 3D technology with the 7D is extremely impressive…with a little practice, you can get away with lots of moving hand held shots.

I asked the reps about any new lenses in the works with this new IS, and was told

“We are not at liberty to discuss outcoming products before their Official Announcement.” Translation : “Yes…they are coming.”


Canon’s New 100mm 2.8 Macro