Update: Its ready for download here: Canon T5i Tutorial Training Video Download The Canon T5i was released just a few weeks ago, but due to my current production schedule, I have to get it wrapped & published as quickly as possible. I think it is safe to say we should see the download available sometime this next week and I will update this post with a link as soon as it is.

I’ve selected the cover for the Canon T5i Crash Course Tutorial Video using one of my favorite shots from this last year, my Blue Super Moon. The covers have evolved over the years, and if you look at my first training video, on the Canon 40D, boy was that just plain! (White background). Since then, I’ve tried to improve all of my covers. Often customers just glance at a products surface, and if it isn’t professional or impressive, it can be overlooked instantly. Always put your best foot forward when you can.

Again, the T5i is virtually identical to the T4i, seems more of a marketing refresh.

Here is the Link to purchase: Canon T5i Training Tutorial Video Download