Im a very excited to announce that the Canon T4i Training Tutorial Video is now available for download. When first started getting into Digital SLR Photography, I purchased a Canon 10D, and then later 2 20Ds. It took me a good 2-3 years to really learn the Canon camera system and consistently take great pictures. Ive been shooting with Canon ever since, and I pour all of my knowledge and tips into these training products.

All of my Crash Course DVDs are the videos I wish I would have had access to when I was first getting started. Reading those printed manuals that come with the cameras is really unproductive because most of the terms in there are foreign, as well as the fact that the manuals are often written by engineers, not instructors. I design all of my training DVDs to build upon the basics, and to get a pure beginner up to an advanced skill level in just 2-3 viewings.

The Canon T4i (aka EOS 650D) represents the latest and greatest from Canon. Improvements include:

– Awesome interactive Touch Screen Monitor
– 9 Cross Type Focus Points (Canon 5Dii has 1)
– Digic-5 Processor

…and those are just the NEW features. Every time Canon comes out with a new camera, they add more and more and more features and it just becomes impossible for a true beginner to pick up the camera and take great shots without some type of training.

The Download Only can be purchased here:
Canon T4i Training Tutorial Video Download

If you want a DVD as well, you can pre-order the DVD with your download for only the cost of shipping ($8.95 in the USA for Priority with Tracking- takes about 3-5 days) We expect the T4i DVDs to ship sometime in the first or second week of August.

Download with DVD Pre-Order:
T4i Download & DVD – Canon T4i Training Tutorial Video Download & DVD Pre-Order

Again, please let me say thank you to everyone who supports my business and products. It wouldn’t be possible without you guys!

If you want a taste of one lesson (there are about 3.5 hours of lessons total) you can watch one here: