The Canon T3i Crash Course Training Video DVDs are now in stock and shipping. While we have had them available as downloads for about a month now, I can appreciate the fact that many customers prefer the actual physical DVDs and we have spared no expense in producing a quality product, I am also pleased to say that this is the 14th Photography Training DVD I have produced since dropping out of Grad School nearly 4 years ago. Woot! 🙂

As a side note, I know many of you are wondering about the other DVDs that have been in production since forever. As of today, we are about to start production again on the LIghting DVD once Adam arrives 2nd week of July, I anticipate we should be able to wrap that September at the latest.

As another juicy bonus, there are 2 new photography DVDs on the drawing board and in the process of being scripted now. I won’t announce what they are on, but I believe both will be absolute home runs. (The Advanced Photography DVD has been doing really well and has been getting a lot of positive feedback).

If you wanted the Canon T3i Hard Copy DVD, you can order it by clicking here: Canon T3i Crash Course Training DVD